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Halloween was terrific! We had so much fun trick or treating in our Mario Bros costumes. I was glad that people knew I was going for princess peach and not just some floozy in a mumu. I was able to put together our costumes from thrift store finds and items we already had, aside from Junie’s adorable toad hat made by a great friend of mine. It was cheap, easy, comfortable and fun, and most importantly, Harper was digging it.

I was concerned in advance about all the candy and snacks that would inevitably surround me, I didn’t do too badly. I did have a small pack of peanut M&M’s and 2 brownie bites which gave me so much guilt and really no pleasure whatsoever. I think it was more out of habit; like I felt I was denying myself something if I didn’t have any candy on Halloween. I should have listened to my inner, wiser self. I’ve been learning lately to keep mental notes of how I feel when I eat certain things, good and bad. It really makes a difference when I am tempted with a big greasy piece of pizza to think about how I am going to feel like I have a meatloaf sized lump in my belly when I am through. Or if I am about to eat something chemical laden or super sugary I know afterwards I will get tense and antsy. But when I eat clean all day I feel calm, energetic and light.

Anyhow, I’ve been learning that if I slip up, I need to just get over it, move on, and make it a point to not do it again. In the past if I was trying an exercise plan or diet as soon as I slipped up it was like all was lost. I’d think, “Well, I screwed up, guess I’m done with that” and beat myself up about not being able to stick with anything. I’m learning lately to forgive myself. To not obsess over something as tiny as a pack of M&M’s or a missed workout. We’re human. Life happens. We’re going to mess up sometimes. It’s dusting yourself off and keeping up your momentum after falling that’s important.

So today, after missing 2 workouts this week and feeling glum about the inability to resist holiday treats I decided instead to focus on what I am kicking ass at. I’ve nearly eliminated dairy from my diet. I have had one latte in over 3 weeks! (I used to have a very expensive and unhealthy daily latte habit) I’ve been eating really well. I’ve been working out 5+ days a week! I haven’t had any french fries!!! Ask all my friends and family how nuts that is??  I’VE BEEN TRYING MY BEST! Yes, you are still trying your best even when you slip up. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t let minor set backs get the best of you. The fact of the matter is it’s the screw ups and struggles that add to your journey, because with them you are gaining strength for the next temptation. We’re not perfect. You’re not ever going to do everything exactly right.  Just get back up once you fall and keep on keepin on.


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