aboutmeHey there! Welcome to my page! I am so glad you found yourself here!

My name is Gina. I am a 38-year-old mama of 2 sweet little ones, Harper and Juniper.

I love eating well, thrifting, getting dirty outside with my kiddos, dancing, camping, helping others live their best life and straight up enjoying the shit out of life myself.

How did Fitting in Fitness begin?

I’m sure many of you busy mamas out there can relate to my story.

I had trouble losing the weight gained after my two pregnancies.

I had trouble mainly because I didn’t try!

Even though I gained a bunch, I knew that it was well deserved and that there was incredible purpose for the pounds that I put on.

My body carried two beautiful babies, birthed them, and nourished them. My leftover softness was a place of comfort for my children’s tear stained faces when they were hurt. My daughter loved to knead my belly rolls while she nursed herself to sleep.

Even though I felt beautiful pregnant, and beautiful post pregnancy too, after a certain point I was ready to be strong, fit and energetic again. I felt heavy and unhealthy. And even though I didn’t HATE my body, I knew that I didn’t feel like “myself” anymore and that I was ready to get back in shape.

Thing is, it took me forever to find a plan that worked for me, because who the hell has time to workout when you have 2 little kids and a demanding job?

Fast forward to now

I’m down 30 lbs and 3 sizes
I feel FANTASTIC and full of energy
I quit that stressful job to be home with my children and pursue coaching

I created this blogto share what’s working for ME with YOU (the- tired- busy –mama- who- just- wants- to- get- back- to- herself –so- that –she- can- GIVE- more –and- be -that –confident- energetic- mama- that- she- misses -ever –so- much-)Here you’ll find

– clean eating ideas for you and your kiddos
– regular features:
“Things he Says” (quotes and real talk from my 5 year old son)
“ Real House Series” – (photos of my messy ass house, to make you feel good about yourself)
“ What Junie Eats” – ( pics of my little firecracker’s toddler meals)
” The Latest Treasure”- Favorite deals, products, purchases, or thrifted finds

-My fitness progress, tips, struggles and successes

-Daily inspiration

-Information about my amazing team of coaches (and opportunity to join yourself)

-And a hodgepodge of all kinds of other random shiz!

I hope you’ll find something that strikes your fancy enough that you’ll follow my page and share with someone who you think may benefit from this also!

Either way, nice to meet ya, and I hope you’ll stick around!


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